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Gif Recap: Redskins Defeat Rams 27-20 via Chappelle’s Show

Well, it’s week 2, and our playoff hopes still haven’t been cancelled.

Another week. Jay takes the team out West on a mission to put one in the WIN column.

Skins play at 4:00. Me during the 1:00 games.

The NFL studio “experts” are acting dismissive of the Redskins chances.

What they don’t know is, our boy R. Kelley is planning to do some obscene things to the Rams’ defense.

Cue the first of 200 camera shots of Coach McVay on the sideline. Gee. He’s still rocking that haircut huh?

Jordan Reed ALMOST fumbles the ball away. Yeah, that isn’t funny.

Pryor drops another catch. Redskins have to settle for a FG.

Another drive. Chris Thompson dances right into the End Zone for the score!

Rams next drive and... JNO forces a fumble with the patented Peanut Punch! (TM)

The Redskins have recovered the ball!

Our faces when Rob Kelley is injured.

But, Jay brought a whole trio of backs ready to contribute.

When Chris Thompson scores again and sees the Redskins section of the crowd.

Ryan Kerrigan with the swat on Goff.

Todd Gurley is not impressed by Breeland’s tackle attempt.

Yeah... Bree is going to take some razzing on the internet this week.

Oh, and then we fall for a fake punt.

BOOM! Kirk Cousins strikes back hard with a TD to Ryan Grant!

Mason Foster’s interception to the Rams’ last hopes of a comeback.

Offense comes out for the kneel down.

A win on someone else’s field, and a fan turnout in their stands. Treating their house like...

Con: Realistically counting mistakes the offense was lucky to get away with...

Pro: Callahan and Tomsula came to play physical on both sides of the ball today.

Skins fans watching ALL the other NFCE teams lose this week: