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Gif Recap: Redskins fumble the opener 30-17 via Parks and Recreation

Me explaining to people why we’re up early on a Sunday to watch TV in a bar.

Sure, we’ve come into the season with a few remaining issues.

The team president pushed out the GM for some reason.

A president that has an odd rapport with the starting QB

A QB who apparently thinks

But despite that, and some sloppy preseason games, we’re looking ahead to Week 1 like:

Alas, we start off typical week one style. Receivers can get open but can’t catch. Defenders can get to the QB but can’t make the tackle.

Me watching Wentz turn a would be sack into a TD.

How I feel when we fumble away the next possession.

Defense forces a turnover but we can’t score off it. Jay Gruden’s offense isn’t living up to the hype.

At least the defense holds a 3-and-out, forcing an Eagles punt which we...


Eagles up by two scores.

Just when nothing is going right, Ryan Kerrigan show up with the PICK SIX!!!

Then, the offense finally scores. Redskins take the lead!

And... give it back. The offense needs to have a talk with itself at halftime.

More picks, punts and FGs leave the Redskins with 2 minutes to put a TD on the board, then the refs rule an incomplete pass as a FUMBLE?

Redskins lose. I’m trying to remember why I even came out for this?

Oh. Right. I feel better now.

People trying to explain how the Refs upheld that last call

What some HH readers heard at Jay Gruden’s presser

Its true, Doctson missed some prep work work up till now

And Jay thinks that’s really important

But, he’d rather put the workload on Ryan Grant?

Of course, someone didn’t seem to recognize wide open receivers as passing options

While the run game had issues of its own.

So, Defense, you guys did a nice job.