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Brett Kollmann film breakdown of Terrelle Pryor

Brett Kollmann breaks down Terrelle Pryor’s career and future with the Washington Redskins

NFL: Washington Redskins-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor Sr. has spent time in the NFL looking for a permanent place at quarterback and wide receiver with the Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks (for a few months) and the Cleveland Browns. Throughout his career, there was always a connection that remained consistent with Pryor and Hue Jackson. Now, Jackson is the head coach of the Cleveland Browns and Terrelle Pryor is trying to become the top guy for the Washington Redskins at wide receiver.

In the video above, Kollman walks people through Pryor’s career and leads them to where he is now through the use of statistical analysis and comparison with Pryor and the Redskins offense.

Terrelle Pryor Passing Stats

Terrelle Pryor Rushing and Passing Stats

Stats courtesy of Pro-Football Reference

Pryor gives the Redskins size and length at the wide receiver position with him being 6-foot-4, 228 pounds. He could be the red zone threat the Redskins have been looking for the last few seasons not named Jordan Reed.

Pryor was drafted in the third round of the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft out of Ohio State.