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Redskins By The (Jersey) Numbers - #36 Darrel Young

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redksins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

#36 hasn’t exactly been a jersey number that players cling to for years at a time. In fact, it’s a number that was claimed for just one season by more than half the players who’ve worn it in Washington, and the player with the second longest tenure as #36 is fullback Darrel Young.

It’s hard to think of the first half of this decade for the Redskins without remembering the former linebacker-turned-fullback. Young, an undrafted free agent defenseman from Villanova, first spent time with the Washington Redskins in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2010 that he became a full-time fixture. Young showed up to camp that year to discover Mike Shanahan had moved him to fullback. Behind Mike Sellers, Young would find much less competition than he was facing at linebacker.

Though he was never a star for the team, Young was a meaningful contributor in its offense. He played in no fewer than 13 competitions every season, fumbled only once in six years, and was used in both the air and ground attacks. In 2014, his penultimate year with the Redskins, Young was the third leading scorer in rushing and receiving touchdowns (5), falling behind only Alfred Morris (14) and DeSean Jackson (8).


Who do you think is the best Redskin to ever wear #36?

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    Su’a Cravens
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    Timmy Smith
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  • 71%
    Sean Taylor
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  • 16%
    Darrel Young
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    Other (tell us about it below!)
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(A quick comment about the legendary Sean Taylor: I know he wore #36 for a brief stint. The iconic images we all have of the hard-hitting, Pro Bowl safety, however, are of him wearing #21. Thus, I went with Young as the focus of our series today. Feel free to agree - or disagree! - with that decision in the comments section.)