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Redskins Prediction Night on The Audible

This week on The Audible, we put a few stakes in the ground on Redskins predictions for the 2017 season and beyond.

Atlanta Falcons  v Washington Redskins Photo by Larry French/Getty Images

All too often, we spend plenty of time making bold predictions that are washed away by the sands of time (sand-blasted away?)...and boldy forgotten. Of course, if we were right, we never let ANYONE forget.

On that note, we went live on Facebook this week and put our names on some prognostications.

I should note that keeping us on topic was rather difficult this week, but we did manage to think out loud on such predictions as:

  • Junior Galette sack totals
  • Kirk Cousins yardage
  • key Redskins defensive stats
  • Kelley vs. Perine vs. Thompson
  • Josh Doctson availability and production categories

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Facebook Live portion of our Tuesday night. We will be back again in TWO WEEKS on Facebook Live, and should be there on the regular each Tuesday thereafter. We are proud to host you in the basement podcast studio, where we have almost figured out how to harness the true power of whiskey. Until we get it right, we are just going to keep showing up and emptying bottles.