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The 5 O'Clock Club: Early reactions to the game - Preseason Game 2 edition

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere...

The 5 o’clock club aims to provide a forum for reader-driven discussion at a time of day when there isn’t much NFL news being published. Feel free to introduce topics that interest you in the comments below.

What did we learn from the Redskins vs Green Bay game last night?

My two cents’ worth:

The second & third teams looked okay, and maybe even outplayed Green Bay’s corresponding units.

Unfortunately, the when the Green Bay first team was on the field, the Redskins were dominated both offensively and defensively.


Question 1: How doe you feel about the Redskins, and their preparedness for the upcoming regular season?

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  • 24%
    Time to hit the "panic" button
    (218 votes)
  • 49%
    I see both reasons for optimism and for concern
    (435 votes)
  • 25%
    R-E-L-A-X, it’s just two meaningless pre-season games
    (221 votes)
874 votes total Vote Now


Question 2: Following the Packers game, which unit is currently better prepared for success in the regular season?

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  • 16%
    Redskins offense
    (125 votes)
  • 83%
    Redskins defense
    (641 votes)
766 votes total Vote Now