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McLinton Family Joins Hogs Haven on Facebook Live

Kevin and Darren McLinton, sons of Redskins all-time great Harold McLinton, join The Audible on Facebook Live to talk about their family’s Redskins history.

John Riggins

I have the honor and privilege of talking sports with Kevin and Darren McLinton each and every Tuesday on The HotBox, a 1st Amendment Sports basketball podcast. In an effort to share the love, I invited them to sit in on a Facebook Live segment on Hogs Haven to talk a little about their upbringing as the sons of one of the all-time greatest Redskins, Harold “Tank” McLinton.

Here is the audio (video embed below):

As always, Kevin and Darren speak from the heart and I was excited for folks watching on Facebook to be able to interact with them and get them talking about their experiences as part of the Redskins family. Who can’t relate to wanting to have a beer with Riggo? Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to gather signatures from the 70 Greatest Redskins on a football that will forever be a McLinton family treasure? Who doesn’t know what it’s like to have Brig Owens as a godfather? Oh...wait...none of us knows what that’s like.

They are as fluent and passionate talking about football as they are talking about basketball and I know I speak for all of us in the basement when I say how great a pleasure it has been and continues to be to mix it up with Kevin and Darren. Thanks for the sincerity, guys, and I’ll see you next Tuesday!