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Offseason On the Brink...of Closure

Ken is joined by Brent from the Burgundy Blog to bat around a few camp topics in the early days of preseason.

NFL: Washington Redskins-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There was a bit of a storm that passed through the D.C. area last night that worked against our phone systems for a moment, but we managed to overcome it and had a great segment with Brent from Burgundy Blog. Our goal was to get in a few topics to establish a baseline opinion and we’ll get Brent back to follow up on them later this preseason. (And of those topics was George Michael’s entire musical catalog, but since that kind of thing deserves its own show, we will save it for later.)

We didn’t have T or Kevin in the basement, which meant a LOT more whiskey for everyone else. I’ll be putting a separate post up with our Facebook Live segment we did with Kevin and Darren McLinton of The HotBox.

One point that Brent made that stands out to me is the one about Zach Brown. Does anyone share his concerns about that player? Is he as locked into a three/four-down job as I have made it out to be, or do folks think he could be platooned in a way I am just not seeing right now?

Thanks again, Brent, for putting up with us on yet another great day in the basement studio!