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Sunday Slop: Redskins news of the day

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins’ offense can improve through simple solutions | ESPN

On the first play of the game, Cousins threw a play-action pass to receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr. The linebackers were sucked in enough that the play was available. But Cousins hesitated a little bit and threw high and wide to Pryor. It wasn’t his best throw; it’s also a catch Pryor has made in practice -- he’s invaluable because he has a wide catch radius. It's helped him stand out. This wasn’t about lack of preparation or anything other than, perhaps, lack of time together in games. Cousins needs to know what Pryor can do -- when and where.

Ryan Anderson stands out among Redskins rookies | ESPN

Linebacker Ryan Anderson: Anderson showed that he knows how to set an edge, which is what he's done throughout camp as well. He rushed from a three-point stance on both sides of the line; he also rushed standing up from the inside. But what he did best was get upfield fast to take on lead blockers. He did so one time, not just occupying two blockers but driving one back. That forced the back to run wider, and that enabled speedy Zach Brown to tackle him for no gain. A nice play by Brown set up by Anderson.

Phil Taylor and Zach Brown make their case for starting roles | ESPN

Brown was terrific versus Baltimore, showcasing his speed -- it helped him not just make plays but be in position where few yards were gained. Tackle totals can be misleading if you're always making them 5 yards downfield. In Brown's case, three of his four tackles were within 2 yards of the line and the other was within 3 yards. He also did an excellent job taking on lead blockers deep in the backfield.

Need to know: 5 things we’ve learned from Redskins training camp | CSN

—Terrelle Pryor continues to impress. On Saturday, he used his length to allow Kirk Cousins to throw a pass that only Pryor, not defender Josh Norman, could catch. Pryor goes deep, he goes over the middle, he gets in there to catch shorter passes in traffic. Everyone wants to see him do it in games—Cousins’ lone pass to him against the Ravens was off target—but it’s so far, so good for Pryor in camp.

Redskins still looking for a kick-off returner, Crowder set as a PR | CSN

"Chris Thompson can return kicks for us, [Bashaud] Breeland's done some of it. So we're still trying to fight through our final kick returner and I think we'll obviously figure that out in the next couple weeks.”