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Facebook Live Tonight on Hogs Haven: Letters From Camp

Kevin and Darren McLinton of The HotBox join forces with The Audible to discuss Redskins training camp tonight on Facebook Live.

Kevion McLinton

I understand that not everyone on Hogs Haven is a Maryland Terrapins fan, so a quick explanation of the photo is likely necessary. The photo is of Kevin McLinton, son of all-time Redskins great Harold McLinton. The father was named one of the “70 Greatest Redskins” after a decade-long career as a linebacker for the burgundy and gold (1969-1978). Kevin was a point guard for Gary Williams at the University of Maryland, and set records in the assists department thanks to an amazing chemistry he formed with fellow Terp Walt Williams (the “Wizard”). Kevin’s brother Darren was also an accomplished college basketball player over at James Madison University. Darren went on to enjoy a successful career playing professional basketball overseas before returning to the area to coach young players and train pro athletes.

As most of you know, the McLinton Bros. join yours truly in the ol’ basement studio to talk basketball each week on their podcast, aptly named The HotBox. Our recent guests on that show include Malcolm Brogdon, Markelle Fultz and Walt Williams.

Tonight, I have asked Kevin and Darren to join me on a special presentation of The Audible on Facebook Live (around 9 PM) to discuss training camp and get some different perspectives on the lead-up to the 2017 Washington Redskins season. Kevin and Tim are on vacation, but will be joining me for an audio-only segment later in the evening.

Kevin and Darren have an extremely unique perspective when it comes to being Redskins fans, and I look forward to sharing that with you all this evening. Feel free to provide and comments or questions you want us to hit on the show, and check us out tonight.