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Can We Grade The 2015 Redskins Draft Now? Jamison Crowder Edition

Hogs Haven takes a look at the hits and misses from the 2015 class.

Washington Redskins v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Two years have passed and I think it's safe for us to air our collective judgments about the successes and failures from the 2015 Redskins draft class. As many recall this was a highly anticipated draft as it was the first of Scot McCloughan's short tenure in Washington. The pre-draft excitement was at a high not just because of the players in the class but because for the first time in many years a well-known, well-respected, and proven talent evaluator was helping lead the team in what was the beginning of a rebuild for the team. McCloughan outlined a plan for the team and for the type of player and talent he wanted to fill the team with. By now we all know the what he was looking for. A football player. Size, talent, toughness, someone with innate instincts for their position and understands its not about the individual but about the sum of its parts.

With as bad a pick as Matt Jones is, McCloughan and the coaching staff followed it up masterfully with the selection of Jamison Crowder with the Redskins first pick in the 4th round. As I mentioned in the Redskins By The (Jersey) Numbers Article: #80 not only has Jamison far exceeded his draft position so far in his career but he arguably is the second-best receiver (outside of Amari Cooper) in the draft class. Here is a quick reminder:

Crowder was an absolute bullseye of a draft pick especially when considering the 2015 WR class. Crowder statistically has had more production in his first two seasons than:

Kevin White (1st)
Devante Parker (1st)
Nelson Agholor (1st)
Breshad Perriman (1st)
Phillip Dorsett (1st)
Devin Smith (2nd)
Dorial Green-Beckham (2nd)
Devin Funchess (2nd)
Tyler Lockett (3rd)
Jaelen Strong (3rd)
Chris Conley (3rd)
Sammie Coates (3rd)
Ty Montgomery (3rd)

In fact, the only receivers in the 2015 draft class better than Crowder in the two major stat categories (yards and TDs) are Stefon Diggs (5th round pick with more yards) and Amari Cooper (1st round pick with more yards and TDs).

I can’t recall many specifics as to the mood on draft night after this pick but I think it’s safe to say not many of us (me included) had paid much attention to or had even heard of Crowder prior to his selection. Going into the season I think most of us were expecting more from the trio of Pierre Garcon, Desean Jackson, and Ryan Grant than focusing on what Crowder was ultimately able to accomplish.

Crowder has improved his numbers each year of his short career and I think we should expect even more improvement this season. He has shown himself to be a hard worker and great teammate and before this upcoming season ends I wouldn't be surprised if he is mentioned in the conversation when talking about the top slot receivers in the NFL.

Go back and look where Jamison was selected and the players selected before and after him. Crowder should go down as the best value pick in the 2015 draft and perhaps the best pick of the Redskins 2015 class.


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