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Pete Prisco Names Kirk Cousins Most Overrated Redskin

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In his annual overrated/underrated column, Pete Prisco calls Kirk Cousins the most overrated player on the Washington roster.

NFL: Washington Redskins-Minicamp Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

I always expect Kirk Cousins to be injected into the conversation WHENEVER the Redskins are brought up these days. Get used to it.

What I did NOT expect to see was his name next to the word “overrated,” and that is exactly where Pete Prisco of CBS Sports placed it. Hmmmmm...

Listen, by now, positions on Kirk Cousins are dug about a mile deep. You all know where I stand, and at a base minimum, it is not in the overrated camp. I have contended that the $24 million price tag on Kirk in 2017 is fair and pretty much market. Prisco uses that price tag as a core prong for his argument.

Clearly, I take issue with the label Prisco has given our quarterback. That said, we have a longstanding tradition on Hogs Haven that dictates if you disagree with something like this, you have to come up with an alternative (i.e. when you say a team was snubbed by the NCAA Selection Committee, you must say which team they should replace). In that spirit, I might suggest that at this point in his career, DeAngelo Hall might be the most overrated player on the Redskins squad. By most accounts, his leadership is what the team is valuing most, but unless he can stay on the field, his leadership value takes a hit. Sure, he re-did his contract and we would agree that there is a chance he can still help this team, but are people hoping for too much out the aging veteran? Is that hope over-inflating expectations? Isn’t that part of what goes into a guy being “overrated?”

On the flip side, Morgan Moses got the underrated nod. I love it and have very little problem with it, though I think Jamison Crowder deserves a look there as well. Let’s kick it to the comments section and beat it up there for a bit.


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