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The Redskins Will Draft a Quarterback in 2018 - Fantasy or Reality?

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With all the recent "Curt" Cousins drama surrounding the Redskins, I'd like to move on and take a look at the chances of the real Kirk Cousins deciding to remain with the Redskins for the 2018 season and beyond.

Personally, I do not think the chances are very good of Cousins remaining with the Redskins past this season, but what do I know. I'm just some schmuck who lives in New England, and has no direct ties to the quarterback or his people. I just see some of his actions speaking louder than words, and those actions tell me he'd rather, if finally given the chance, play elsewhere.

I could be very wrong, as I often am, but I always like to prepare myself for the worst, by throwing out scenarios that could become possibilities should Kirk move on with another franchise in 2018.

First, there is always the chance that the Skins could turn to "Corky" McCoy (excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth). McCoy could offer a tad bit of stability within the offensive scheme, and could act as a transition piece until a new signal caller is drafted or brought in as a free agent. If the Redskins are hoping to attract any free agent offensive talent, especially at wide receiver, those players certainly won't be banging down the door to play with McCoy.

Second, the team could turn to Nate Sudfeld...yes, the same Nate Sudfeld who Doug Williams proclaimed would have been a first or second round pick in this past year's draft. Again, this move doesn't exactly strike fear into the hearts of Redskins opponents, nor should it, but we all need to reserve judgement to see how much progress Sudfeld has made this year before we drop the hammer on him.

Third, the team could look to bring in a veteran free agent signal caller via free agency. Problem is, not many good ones actually hit free agency (like "Curt" may), so the pickings may be very slim (and old).

Finally, and the true reason for this post, is the option of looking to the draft in 2018 for our future franchise signal caller.

The NFL draft is far from an exact science when it comes to selecting a quarterback. There are surprises and busts no matter what round you may select one. There is however, a better chance that a quarterback with certain intangibles teams covet, be found in earlier rounds versus later ones.

That brings me to the 2018 NFL Draft.

The quarterback class is shaping up (and mind you this is early) to be one of the best classes to ever come out in the history of the draft. There could be between 5-8 potential first round signal callers in 2018. Those include (and I'll put them in order of how I'd currently rank them):

Sam Darnold - USC

Josh Allen - Wyoming

Josh Rosen - UCLA

Mason Rudolph - Oklahoma State

Lamar Jackson - Louisville

Jake Browning - Washington

Luke Falk - Washington St.

Baker Mayfield - Oklahoma

Recent power rankings have put the Redskins in the bottom third of the NFL, and last in the NFC East. Now mind you, not too many people pay attention to these preseason power rankings (and I am certainly one who doesn't), but just say we have a 6-10 type year, and are selecting in the top 12 of the 2018 NFL draft - I'm sure a few VERY enticing quarterbacks will be sitting there for the taking. Now, will we be looking at Sam Darnold, Josh Allen or Josh Rosen - not if the Jets, Bills, Jaguars and 49ers are sitting ahead of us, but we may see a prospect like Mason Rudolph, Jake Browning, or Luke Falk staring us in the face. Had any of those three been able to dip their toe into the waters of the 2017 NFL Draft, it is my opinion that all three would have been taken ahead of Mitchell Trubitsky.

Dont forget, there is also the chance we trade up...

So, what are the chances that the Redskins look to find their next franchise quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft?