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Gif Recap: The Kirk Cousins Contract Saga Via He’s Just Not That Into You

Bruce and Dan calling Kirk Cousins' agent with their latest “offer”.

While Redskins fans watch the media predictions on a deal getting done.

And check twitter, and the blogs, and WaPo, and Facebook news feed, and...

Ok Media, so what does this even mean?

Hearing the media say these situations rarely go well for a franchise

Yeah... the media really doesn’t think we’ll be the exception.

Twitter is being downright harsh about it.

Not that we believe Bruce’s so called “offer” was even a real effort anyways

Why am I still invested in this thing? Or this team?

Has Kirk been getting advice from other former Redskins players?

We’d prefer Bruce not handle the negotiations next time.

Not that Bruce would let a thing like someone’s feelings get in the way of his authority

Granted, if they let us handle negotiations

Dan STILL doesn’t know why Kurt’s Kirk’s agent never called back.

By next year, he’s going to show up with hat and (and wallet) in hand.

To the Browns and Niners fans who “can’t believe we’re screwing this up”.

Especially the Niners fans checking here for “Cousins-watch” news.

Besides, we could still get a deal done next year?