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Kirk Cousins: It’s always been my first choice to be with the Redskins

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Kirk Cousins talked about the franchise tag on the radio this morning

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kirk Cousins joined Grant and Danny on 106.7 the Fan this morning to discuss the franchise tag negotiations that didn’t lead to a long-term with the Redskins.

Not making a counter-offer:

Deal was closer than people think:

Needed a little more time to evaluate:

Redskins needed more time last year:

Franchise tag framed the debate:

No deal in 2018?:

Bruce Allen flew to Michigan to talk to Cousins:

Redskins are first choice:

Focus on football:

Reaction to Bruce Allen’s statement:

Redskins offer was fair:

One year deals:

Redskins roster in flux:

Kurt Cousins:

God’s plan:

Round 2:

Players want more guarantees:

Changing the NFL money structure:

Kirk loves Jay:

Needs to play well:

Giants game:

There wasn’t a number to get a deal done this year:

Third tag:

Josh Doctson:

Not leaving yet:

Dan Snyder:

Winning now: