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Redskins best offer to Kirk Cousins came in May and it was less than the franchise tag

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The Redskins and Kirk Cousins look like they will be resuming their contract dance next year.

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The last reported offer from the Redskins came at the Combine this year, and was reportedly a 5 year extension on top of this year’s franchise tag worth ~$20 million per year with low guarantees. That wasn’t going to get a deal done this year with Kirk Cousins set to make almost $24 million on the franchise tag, and the potential to make $28-34 million next year on the transition or franchise tag next year.

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero is reporting a new offer that the Redskins made to Cousins in May. He doesn’t provide any real numbers, but the deal was higher than the offer at the Combine, but less than the $23.9 million tag number annually. He also reports the last offer essentially added 1 more guaranteed year, which puts the guarantees in the $40-50 million dollar range on a deal that could be worth $100-119 million.

The Washington Post’s Mike Jones added this projection for what it will take to get a deal done with the caveat that the Redskins haven’t been willing to go that high for Cousins.

It’s believed that to have a chance of signing Cousins, the Redskins would have to offer him a deal with an annual salary of around $28 million and roughly $52 million to $58 million guaranteed at signing and another $30 million to $35 million for the remaining three years.

But the Redskins haven’t been willing to make that kind of a commitment. And there are some around the league who believe Cousins never planned to sign a multiyear deal with Washington this offseason regardless of the offer. The quarterback has said that he just wants to sign with a team that truly wants him, but he also has told others that he would like to test free agency to better gauge his worth and his options.

A contract worth $28 million per year with $82-$93 million guaranteed isn’t going to happen this year from the Redskins. Will Cousins be able to get it from them, or another team, next year?

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