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PFF: Kirk Cousins is a Top 10 player to start a franchise with

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Will the Redskins pay that man his money to be the Franchise?

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Washington Redskins v Chicago Bears Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Pro Football Focus held its 1st annual Foundation Draft this week to pick the players you would start a franchise with for all 32 teams. The pool of players isn’t limited to just current NFL players with 4 college QBs and 1 rookie QB miraculously making the list even though they’ve never played a down in the NFL. The #1 player in this year’s draft DE Myles Garrett also makes and appearance.

The rules: The player pool is made up of the entire world — NFL players, college players, high-schoolers, some talented player’s toddler. Age matters, position matters, but contracts do not. The game will be played just like it always has been.


Age: 28 Position: QB Team: Washington Drafted by: Steve Slowik

This is one that kind of came out of nowhere over several years’ time. His selection in the fourth round was widely mocked, coming three rounds after the team traded a huge haul of resources to select Robert Griffin III in the first. He grew into the starting job in fits and spurts, replacing and being replaced by Griffin and Colt McCoy multiple times. The last two years, though, he’s seized the job, putting up 54 touchdown passes against 23 interceptions over the two years and adding 9 rushing scores. His PFF grade has risen steadily, peaking at 85.9 (eighth at the position) in 2016.

Why him? Coming off a season in which he graded as a top-10 quarterback in the NFL (85.9), Cousins will turn 29 by the start of the 2017 season, and he’s shown enough ability over the past two seasons with overall grades above 80 where I would be happy to take him in this slot. – Steve Slowik

Only 13 current NFL QBs were selected, and Redskins QB Kirk Cousins was the 10th one off the board. Cousins is obviously a franchise QB, receiving the franchise tag for two years in a row from the Redskins. He has taken the starting job with the Redskins and led the team to a playoff appearance and back-to-back winning seasons. Every NFL team is looking for a quality starting QB, and the Redskins seem to have one, but haven’t been able to lock him up long-term.

If the Redskins aren’t able to sign Cousins long-term this year, they will play the same game next year with the option to franchise tag him for a third time, or allow him to hit free agency to find out his market value. The San Francisco 49ers have been the most talked about destination for Cousins, reuniting him with former Redskins OC Kyle Shanahan. They drafted a QB in the 3rd round this year, but unless he has a Russell Wilson/Dak Prescott type rookie season, he won’t be the man in San Fran. Sounds like they need a QB to (re)start their franchise...