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Rapoport: Strong indication Kirk Cousins plays year on franchise tag

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4 days until the deadline...

NFL: Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport doesn’t think the Washington Redskins and QB Kirk Cousins will get a long-term deal done before the July 1`7th deadline. This seems to be the prevailing opinion for analysts and fans as we enter the last week to get a deal done. The numbers aren’t adding up and barring a significant increase in the Redskins last reported offer of $20 million per year.

CSN Washington’s JP Finlay interviewed Ian Rapoport this week and asked about the Kirk Cousins contract situation. The sides are talking, but there hasn’t been any contract offers reported in months.

“It doesn’t seem like there’s much happening. I know there’s a lot of positive feelings. I know the sides like each other. And I know Mike McCartney, Kirk Cousins’ agent, and Bruce Allen have met for drinks. I know they’ve got to know each other socially more this year than ever before. It is all positive and good. But I would think it’s fair to characterize it at this point as a long shot just because the numbers are so hard to figure out to where it would make sense for both sides. I mean it could happen, I’m not saying a deal can’t happen, but it is hard to figure out what kind of a deal would make both sides happy right now.

Could it happen? Anything’s possible, and Dan Snyder could always step in and blow the doors off with an unprecedented contract offer.

"If they pay him what he's worth, I would imagine that he would be very happy to be there."

"This is an organization that I think over the last couple of years has done things a lot better," Rapoport said. "Certainly has drafted better. The Scot McCloughan thing was not good, but this last draft seems to have been very good without Scot... Free agency I think was pretty good. They got one of the steals in free agency in Terrelle Pryor. Things seem to be going in the right direction for the Redskins despite a couple bumps in the road."

4 Days...


Will the Redskins sign Kirk Cousins to a long-term deal by the deadline?

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