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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup

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A collection of Redskins articles from around the web

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Need to Know: How good can Redskins RB Rob Kelley be if he starts 16 games? | CSN Mid-Atlantic
Need to Know: Rob Kelley made quite a name for himself last year while starting just over half the season. What can he do in a full season?

Redskins Playbook: The case for a hometown discount from Kirk Cousins | CSN Mid-Atlantic
Don't expect Kirk Cousins to give the Redskins any breaks in contract negotiations, but there is plenty to like about playing in Washington.

CSN: Pryor Talks His Relationship With Cousins
Terrelle Pryor is using his valuable perspective as a former quarterback to his approach to building a relationship with Kirk Cousins.

Is Kirk Cousins being greedy? The answer is simple | CSN Mid-Atlantic
Let's make this real simple: Kirk Cousins is not being greedy. Kirk Cousins is being smart. Kirk Cousins is being savvy. But Kirk Cousins is not being greedy.

NFC East Q&A: Who is on the hottest seat in the division? - NFC East- ESPN
Our reporters are split when it comes to the person who most likely is on the hot seat in the NFC East this season.

Redskins Radio: Cooley & Kevin - Keim on RBs
ESPN's John Keim joins Cooley and Kevin to discuss who will be the starting running back for the Redskins come Week 1.

Kyle Smith, Redskins college scouting director, just wants to work out and scout football players - Washington Times

He's in the right line of work, which happens to be the family business.