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The 5 O'Clock Club: Ranking the NFC East head coaches

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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere...

Jay Gruden (Washington) seems to be a coach who brings a sense of humor to work to match his keen understanding of NFL offense. Players seem to enjoy playing for him, but there has been criticism of his ability to get players ready early in the season, and to have them ready to play in the big games that come up every regular season and in the playoffs.

Still, Gruden can point to back-to-back winning records, and a generally positive tenure in his 3+ seasons as the head coach.

How does he stack up against the other head coaches in the division?

Jason Garrett (Dallas) - Honestly, I’ve always considered the Jerruh & Jason show to be mainly a comedy, but it’s hard to laugh following the impressive 13-3 regular season record in 2016. Can Garrett re-ignite the magic, or is his team likely to revert to the norm (he was 45-43 in the regular season prior to the 2016 season)?

Doug Pederson (Philadelphia) - After a seeming lifetime of Andy Reid in Philly, Jeffrey Lurie seemed to “win” the Chip Kelly sweepstakes in 2013. It took Kelly just three short seasons to emasculate Howie Roseman and dismantle the Eagles roster. Jeff Lurie, realizing his horrible mistake, fired Kelly, and went back to his comfort zone by restoring much of Roseman’s power, and hiring long-time Eagles & Andy Reid assistant coach Doug Pederson (who had also played quarterback for the Eagles in 1999) to take over the HC job last year.

Pederson’s first season as a head coach last year was rough -- not unusual for newly hired coaches trying to rebuild wounded franchises — but Pederson didn’t disgrace himself. In his sophomore campaign in 2017 Pederson will look to move forward with Carson Wentz, and get the Eagles out of the division basement, and back to respectability. Is he good enough to fix what’s broke in Philly?

Ben McAdoo (New York Giants) - Despite his apparent inability to find a suit that fits, or get fashion advice relevant in the 21st century, Ben McAdoo looked like a pretty good coach as he led the team to an 11-5 regular season record (and two victories over the Cowboys) in 2016. Despite the handicaps of having Eli Manning as his quarterback, and Jerry Reese as the GM, McAdoo was successful in reaching the playoffs last season. It looks like he’ll have an improved squad going into 2017, and there are those who argue that the Giants will be the team to beat in the NFC East this season.

  1. Who is the best coach in the NFC East?
  2. Where does Gruden rank inside the division?
  3. If you think Gruden is not the best coach for the Redskins, who would you hire to replace him?


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