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Offseason On the Brink: Feeling Burgundy

MTV EMA's 2013 - Red Carpet Arrivals Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for MTV

On The Audible last night, we brought in a special guest for our “Offseason On the Brink” segment. Many, if not all, of the Hogs Haven faithful know Burgundy Blog, and we were joined by Brent on the show.

As this was the first time we have spoken to Brent, we did traverse some familiar territory, giving him ample opportunity to vent a little about Scot “McLovin” McCloughan. I think the important takeaway is that we all want to move on, and we are working on it, but when you really lock in on the debacle that was, there is still some juice. I would not characterize this as “dwelling” at all. In fact, I think the interesting stage we find ourselves (Tim, Kevin, Brent and I) in is one where we can probably state that this was going to happen all along, but the Redskins fouled up the execution.

We transitioned to a happier topic, where Brent piled on top of Chris “ih8dallas” Hess’ positive Zach Brown sentiments. Kevin and Brent waxed philosophic on D.J. Swearinger and things stayed incredibly upbeat from there on out. All in all, I would like to think we will be keeping Brent in the conversation. He certainly made the half hour fly by, and as I say at the top of the show, I can certainly appreciate the hustle and grind that he goes through to pursue his hobby/passion of covering his favorite team.

Thanks for listening, and if you care to, please help me out with the following: last year, we did a Game of Thrones-inspired show where we compared characters to Redskins players. I think we can probably roll that out again, but I am interested in soliciting suggestions for other show/movie/pop culture topics that can be incorporated into fun summer programming on The Audible. We have some cool guests coming up, and we will look to include them in these plans. Have a great week everyone!