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Offseason On the Brink of Ewoldt

Kevin Ewoldt joins this week’s installment of The Audible to talk about...what did we talk about?

Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony

When all else fails, call Ewoldt. Since he was quick to deal me a little bit of grief for reveling in the fact that the 1991 Redskins were recently named as the best overall team of the last 30 years, we thought he would be the right guy to help us get through our last June podcast of the offseason.

We kicked off the show with the news of the day—most notably the Clinton Portis interview everyone is talking about and the competing headlines regarding Kirk Cousins and whether or not he will sign a deal. We moved pretty quickly to the past, as I tried to navigate us all the way back to 1991 and the last Super Bowl we all watched (most of us).

I got tripped up along the road backwards by Steve Spurrier, Patrick Ramsay and Jim Zorn, but we finally made it.

For anyone that ever invested in a listen to Pickled Hogs Radio or the ol’ Hogs Haven Staff Meeting podcasts, you will recognize the melancholy stylings of our good friend Ewoldt. To be honest, the fact that he didn’t lay waste to the Redskins on this show is as good a sign as any that there is some part of him that is excited by the upcoming season.