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The NFL Shop Thinks the Redskins Are From What State?

The NFL Shop’s Redskins “State Pride” license plate is...uhhh....wrong.

Washington Monument To Remain Closed Until 2019 For Repairs Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

This one will be quick, as I have a Sixpack to get out today! Over at the ol’ NFL Shop, they are running a “State Pride” license plate campaign. As first reported over at the Washington Post, the plate for the Redskins was:

Anyone notice the “state” we are said to have pride in?


Holy does a billion dollar empire not know that it doesn’t have TWO teams in the state of Washington? How do they not know they have a team in the NATION’S CAPITAL?!?!?

I just went over to NFL Shop to see if the plate still existed in this form, and I think they fixed it, but shouldn’t we just take a moment to ask how—with only 32 teams to manage—they put the Redskins on the wrong side of the country? And from a state that hails an entirely different team that we all kind of despise at this point? I mean, the Seahawks have ended too many postseasons for me to be able see this and not think I am being trolled.

First Jeff Fisher...and now NFL Shop?