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Kendall Fuller Will Start Outside at Corner Opposite Josh Norman - Fantasy or Reality?

Mark Tyler looks at the possibility of Kendall Fuller moving to the outside under new secondary coach Torrian Gray.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins corner Kendall Fuller did not have the best rookie campaign. The 5'11' 194 pounder was asked to play in the slot; an incredibly difficult transition for a player who is used to playing on the outside as a field or boundary cornerback, non-the-less a rookie facing the complicated passing attacks most teams show.

Fuller was also recovering from microfracture surgery to his knee, which is not an easy surgery to recover from. Eventhough he was cleared by team doctors to participate fully, the surgery had to be in the back of his mind, and somewhat effect his mobility and strength.

This season, Fuller will enter camp one year removed from that tough rookie season, and fully recovered from his knee surgery. He will also have the benefit of playing under new defensive backs coach Torrian Gray, who coached Fuller at Virginia Tech from 2013-2015. Gray, who is know as a great motivator, knows Fuller's strengths, and how to get the most out of the second year player. If he feels Kendall's skills would be best utilized on the outside, with a switch of Bashaud Breeland to the slot, he may not hesitate to pull the trigger on that move.

Speaking of Breeland, he did not have the best year on the outside in 2016. Part of that may have been because he was playing opposite one of the best corners on the NFL in Josh Norman. Teams may have shied away from Norman's side a bit, choosing to test Breeland instead. regardless of the circumstances, Breeland struggled, and many have surmised he may be a better fit in the slot due to his lack of deep speed.

In conclusion, there is a chance Fuller is given an opportunity this training camp to take over the outside roll opposite Josh Norman, relegating Breeland to the slot.