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Re-Reintroducing: Redskins By The (Jersey) Numbers

Don’t call it a comeback (or do, that’s entirely fair.)

NFL Draft 2000 Arrington

Well said, George.

Here at Hogs Haven we occasionally agree with the sentiment above, though covering the Washington Redskins rarely leaves us wanting for material to cover and analyze. Even in the midst of the off-season, when one would expect that there’s seemingly less to substantively discuss, we generally manage to find a way.

That said, our generally prolific staff of writers occasionally ends up putting longer-term narratives and regular projects on the back burner as the news of the day often takes precedent. Much like Mr. Martin’s The Winds of Winter, we have kept our loyal readers waiting to finish a series started several years ago: Redskins By The (Jersey) Numbers.

So sweet summer children, take heart that as of tomorrow there are just 99 days left until the Redskins take on the Eagles in week. We believe this marks a perfect opportunity to count down to kickoff with the continuation of this series begun by our very own Ken Meringolo and Kevin Ewoldt back in 2009 (and then again in 2012.) Just as the Hulk franchise began with Lou Ferrigno gave way to Eric Bana, who was replaced by Edward Norton, before ending up with Mark Ruffalo, so too shall we have a gritty reboot of our own.

The difference this time is we’re spreading the love around and giving all of our writers a chance to chip in with their thoughts, with pieces by a different author every day.

Now bear in mind that this isn't about picking the "greatest Redskin" to ever wear the number we are profiling. For evidence of that, please see The People vs Ken Meringolo and his selection of Brad Edwards over Ken Houston. But rather, it’s an opportunity to consider some of the more notable players in franchise history to a variety of different lenses: interviews, video breakdowns, round table discussions, love letters... Or perhaps just to discuss something tangentially related to the players (or number) itself.

In the meantime, remember fondly Ken’s chat with Tom Tupa’s dad, and Kevin’s interview with Sean Taylor's college coach, Larry Coker. The remainder of the original work on the series has been hidden temporarily (ooh suspense!) for revision and will be rolled back out in sequential order as we make our way on down the list.

Have some players you think are worthy of consideration by our intrepid staff? Share them in the comments below.

Up next, number 99...