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Redskins by the (Jersey) Numbers: #74 George Starke

Associated Press

The debate over who the greatest #74 in Redskins history isn’t much of a debate from where I’m sitting.

George Starke was one of the few players who bridged the gap between the George Allen “Over-the-Hill-Gang”-Era Redskins to the Joe Gibbs glory days. Starke, an offensive tackle, started for Allen, Jack Pardee, and Gibbs in what was a very successful NFL career.

But it didn’t begin that way.

The Columbia-educated Starke actually got cut by the Redskins in his rookie season of 1972. After not even making it out of training camp, Stark unsuccessfully tried out for a couple of other teams (including the dreaded Cowboys) before being brought back by Allen in 1973. He remained a Redskin for the rest of his career.

Starke also has the distinction of being one of the 70 (now 80) Greatest Redskins, an award he won in 2002 when the franchise celebrated its 75th anniversary. He started 147 games for Washington, including two Super Bowls. He was a key part of the Redskins’ 1982 world title season.

And then there were “The Hogs.” Starke was a charter member of that legendary group, even earning the nickname “Head Hog” due to his veteran leadership role. In fact, Starke’s last year of 1984 was his fifth as a Redskins team captain.

The next-highest “valued” player on PFR’s list of Washington #74s is Jim Snowden. Snowden, another offensive tackle, had a solid career, but didn’t play as long as Starke, nor did he help win a championship.

Like I said, no contest.

But you may disagree! Vote in the poll below and let us know in the comments who the greatest #74 in Redskins history is.


Who is the greatest #74 in Redskins history?

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    George Starke
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    Jim Snowden
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    Tyler Polumbus
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    Markus Koch
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