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The “Coin Toss Curse” Is Real! Greg Robinson Is Latest Victim

When Jeff Fisher decided to troll Redskins Nation at FedEx Field in 2014, he set in motion something that could never be undone.

2014 NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I used to love him. I mean, I thought he could do no wrong. As a Redskins fan, I had nothing but respect for the way this coach brought hard-hitting teams to town all season long, for years on end. And the mustache...I mean, Jeff Fisher had it working on every level.

Though I wasn’t tuned into it at the exact second I should have been, everything changed in December 2014, when Jeff Fisher decided to troll Redskins Nation by sending out his haul of players from the trade that netted the Redskins Robert Griffin III.

As if dealing with the hourly soap opera that surrounded the Redskins and RG3 during that period wasn’t enough, we had to have that very visual moment at FedEx Field, courtesy of a man I thought I really liked.

It was announced today that Greg Robinson, one of the players from the Rams’ RG3 haul, was traded from L.A. to Detroit. The former #2 overall pick was sent to the Lions for a SIXTH ROUND pick, which leads me to today’s updating of “The Coin Toss Curse.” These were the men that Jeff Fisher sent out to the middle of the field that day in December 2014 for the coin toss at FedEx Field:

Greg Robinson: drafted #2 overall by Rams, traded for 6th round pick to Detroit

Stedman Bailey: out of the league (while serving a suspension for violating the league’s substance policy, Bailey was shot while sitting in his car in Florida. He was able to work out with the Rams during the 2016 offseason but ended up back at West Virginia as an assistant coach.)

Zac Stacy: out of the league

Janoris Jenkins: left the Rams and is playing at a very high level for the Giants (sucks for the Rams they lost him, but also sucks for Redskins to have to play him twice a year)

Michael Brockers: extended by the Rams...a pretty solid defensive tackle

Alec Ogletree: a solid linebacker for the Rams

Jeff Fisher: out of the league

At the time, Rokevious Watkins and Isaiah Pead were also part of the trade haul, but they were not on the active roster for St. Louis. Watkins and Pead are both out of the league (Pead suffered career-ending injuries in a car crash after being released by the Dolphins in 2016.

I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to not also include:

Robert Griffin III: out of the league (currently a free agent)


I think I can honestly say I wish Sean McVay the best, but I think that Michael Brockers and Alec Ogletree should remain vigilant! “The Coin Toss Curse” spares no man.