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Which is More Likely for the Redskins - 1200 Yard Rusher or 1200 Yard Receiver?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden always says he'd like to try and run the football more. Maybe the problem is, he hasn't had very good running backs during his tenure as head coach of the Redskins.

Well, that may have just changed when the team selected a battering-ram by the name of Samaje Perine...

Perine, a 5'11" 234 pound rookie running back from the University of Oklahoma broke the school's all-time record for total rushing yards in just three years of work, eclipsing many prominent names such as Billy Simms and Adrian Peterson to name a few. With Perine in the backfield, the team has a work-horse back capable of running over, around and through defenses.

Will Samaje help to get the Redskins ground game on track in 2017?

Outside the tackle box, the Redskins have loaded up with size and talent at the receiver position. Gruden has shown his propensity for throwing the ball, and with Pro Bowler Kirk Cousins at the helm, 2017 shouldn't be any different.

The weapons at Cousins' disposal include Terrelle Pryor, Josh Doctson, Jamison Crowder, Jordan Reed, Brian Quick, Vernon Davis, and a few younger, less proven players. The first four all have the potential to break 1200 receiving yards, but will the ball be spread around too much for one player to amass that many yards?

So, which is more likely in 2017 - a 1200 yard rusher or a 1200 yard receiver? Is there a chance we could see both?