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Offseason On the Brink

There is always something to talk about when it comes to this Redskins offseason, and The Audible manages to get around to it eventually each week on Offseason On the Brink.

NFL: Washington Redskins-OTA Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

On last night’s episode of The Audible, we ran down a few bright spots coming out of the OTA’s, despite the fact that OTA’s are barely glorified practices. Jay Gruden was a major topic of conversation, based on my belief that he is slowly becoming the most important figure in the Washington Redskins organization. If he can be the exact right ingredient necessary to get what we need out of Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder, we might have him around for years to come...a decade more or longer. (Then again, we have said that before about folks who got run out of here.)

Matt Jones makes his way for the door, and there seems to be no real sense of loss on Offseason On the Brink, though I do point out that he has value based on the fact he is on his rookie contract with two seasons left.

Kevin uses the opportunity to make a summer movie comparison to the Redskins organization, which causes me to go straight to Baywatch, and causes Tim to become very uncomfortable. The end result is that Matt and I are apparently hitting a theater to catch what will surely be one of the greatest terrible movies of the year.

Thanks for listening!