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Offseason On the Brink: Tied In Knots Over Ties

On this episode of The Audible, the boys talk about the change to the overtime rules, realistic expectations for the Redskins defense and take a couple of questions from Facebook Live.

Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Well, I managed to avoid ruining a second straight week of The Audible. That is, I didn’t botch the audio. I suppose I always run the risk of ruining any show I participate in (that was for you Joe—it is National Brother Day, you know).

It was a spirited debate in the champagne room of basement podcast studios last night. In addition to loving some Josh Doctson—Kevin had some sweet intel from Nate Sudfeld—we dug into each other on what, why and how the defense is doing what it needs to do to not be as terrible next season. See? We can be realistic. Tim suggested a jump from 28th to 19th in total defense, which made me jump out of my chair with excitement. I actually think the Redskins will find their way to the halfway point (15th or so), but that kind of improvement would be enough—in my humble opinion—to give the team two more wins than the EIGHT wins Kirk Cousins is worth. That opinion is slightly less humble.

Oh...and ties. We talked ties. The world asked for it, and The Audible delivered: a white-knuckled punching session dedicated to ties. As I have the power of the pen at the moment, I should take care not to overplay my side of the argument in this space, and let the audio speak for itself. In summation though, Kevin is wrong.

We spent a portion of the show on Facebook Live, taking a couple questions (this week 33% less questions about whether we were wearing pants!) and we will keep that up going forward. We might even give folks a heads-up prior to pushing play next week. Join us in the basement studio for some Redskins talk, won’t you?

Thanks for listening!