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Are The Redskins Going Smash Mouth with Perine?

Hogs Haven takes a look at what the drafting of Samaje Perine means for the offense in 2017.

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Before I start this article, I guess I should add this disclaimer. I am fully entrenched in the ‘Jay Gruden-Doesn’t-Run-The-Ball-And-Loves-The-Arena-League’ camp.

That being said, there seems to be a clear direction with they type of running back the Redskins are planning to use. During the lead up to the draft there was a lot of talk about taking McCaffery or Cook...mainly due to their ability to catch. Because Jay Gruden loves throwing the ball.

But instead the Redskins drafted brick shithouse Samaje Perine. There is no mistaking what Perine is. He’s built like two sets of tree trunks and a whiskey barrel and runs like he’s been snorting gun powder.

Perine was not drafted to sneak out of the backfield and catch a 5-yard pass. He was drafted to take a handoff and go straight ahead, opposite colored jerseys be damned.

With McVay leaving and Gruden taking over play calls, does Perine’s drafting signify a philosophy change in 2017?

It would appear that Fat Rob and Beeline Perine are going to be the Redskins Thunder and Thunder of 2017. Not a lot of dancing with these two.

The Redskins may not run the ball 55% of the time, as I would prefer, but the style of back they plan to use will bring the pain, hardcore to the brain.


Will the Redskins be more run-heavy with Perine?

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