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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

With rookies in pads, the Redskins 2017 season is close enough to begin to taste it...and Mikey likes it!

CFP National Championship Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images
  1. Travel day/week for the 1st Amendment Sports/Hogs Haven team, but the show must go on. I thought I would go another week with a set of questions for debate. On last week’s taping of The Audible (now with 33% less actual tape!), we tried to wade through the discussion in the comments section and pull your arguments onto the podcast. It went okay, but we can do better. As the Director of Good Times, I call on Kevin Ricca to isolate some of the better thoughts and comments for our show on Wednesday night. (Wednesday night instead of Tuesday this week, y’all...and I use the “y’all” emphatically, because ih8dallas (aka Chris Hess) will hopefully be joining us to discuss the rookie class. Perhaps the first of the comments today should be directed at him...hahaha, let the love rain down!
  2. Here is an easy question to ask (easiest part): Which rookie will make a bigger impact in 2017 between Jonathan Allen and Ryan Anderson? Let me be the first to suggest this question is easy to answer as well. I suppose I am looking less for the “come on, it’s Allen man” answers and trying to find someone out there who thinks the impact Anderson could end up making at the linebacker level in 2017 could ultimately prove to be greater than what Allen will do along the line. Is that person out there? We’ll see. I love me some Jonathan Allen, and I think he is going to make plays we haven’t seen made in a long time. That said, Anderson’s upside at a position where the Redskins have struggled using overachieving, all-heart players could really show up on the field.
  3. How many games will Fabian Moreau play for the Redskins this season? This question is as loaded as they come, and I encourage you to show your work here. Everyone knows by now what happens when you draft a guy out of UCLA (their quarter system typically makes their players unavailable for action this early in the league calendar year). He also has the injury. We might find great consensus on his ability, but it will be his availability that matters most.
  4. How many times will we be talking about Jeremy Sprinkle in 2017? I think the answers here should be expressed in terms of 1-16, meaning how many games will he play in and/or make a play in. If we are lucky, Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis will have a fine campaign, and Sprinkle can wait in the wings. Special teams and the occasional mid-game second down conversion could be areas where he shows up for us...again, a lot of possibilities here, although I also expect some “dude, he’s a 5th-string tight end” answers.
  5. Which one of our wide receivers will draw the other team’s top cornerback more often after the first four games of the season? This allows (hopefully) Josh Doctson and Terrelle Pryor to establish a few things heading out of the first quarter of the season. You could argue this a number of ways, as some defensive schemes would rather bracket a top wide receiver or use all three levels to keep an eye on a guy as opposed to just dedicating one cover man on him. I doubt Jamison Crowder is pulling a number one corner inside, and I don’t think Brian Quick is going to set any records that change defensive coordinators minds on him. (Also, is Quick my new Kendall Reyes? I think I need help...)
  6. The last one is going to be more generic. I have been seeing these weird headlines on sports pages over the last week. There are people in the media who are actually (wait for it) thinking Dallas will regress this season. I know, I know...this is unlike the national sports media. They love nothing more than to use gallons of pixels to light up the internet with heavy Dallas predictions year-round. Why on earth would this all of a sudden be the year they decide to go back on that? What’s worse, some are really warming to the idea of the Redskins being a team that has improved after putting back-to-back winning seasons together. I know Bill-in-Bangkok, ih8dallas and BillZBubb (among others) have all been posting these messages in comments sections, so we are all seeing it. What do you make of it? We’re talking about a team with a sick core of talent, a halfway decent offensive line despite a change or two and momentum from a season where expectations began low. I hate the idea that Dallas is not being pumped makes their fall less entertaining. Still, I will take it! Let’s make this last one Dallas-heavy, but NFC East-rich. I would love for some banter about why any of the other teams could be in it at the end with Washington instead of Dallas.


Which Redskins wide receiver will draw the opposing team’s top cornerback more often AFTER the first four games of the season?

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  • 81%
    Terrelle Pryor
    (601 votes)
  • 12%
    Josh Doctson
    (91 votes)
  • 4%
    Jamison Crowder
    (32 votes)
  • 2%
    Brian Quick (don’t do it)
    (17 votes)
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