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Redskins were offered multiple picks for their top draft pick, chose Jonathan Allen at #17

Should the Redskins have traded down?

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The Redskins landed a top 5 talent with the 17th pick due to some injury concerns, and a fortunate run on offensive players in the first half of Round 1. The Redskins scouts, coaches, and fans didn’t think it was possible that Alabama DE Jonathan Allen would be available when their pick came up, but there he was, and Washington handed the card in. Everyone gave the Redskins credit for making the obvious pick, but what if they passed on Allen to take another player, or accepted a trade that was on the table?

Allen was the top player on the Redskins board, but Reuben Foster was there as well, and he was also the target for a team trying to trade up. Peter King from MMQB was embedded with the new front office of the San Francisco 49ers, Head Coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch. The 49ers already traded down one spot with the Chicago Bears, and were able to get their guy in Stanford DE Solomon Thomas. Their next target was Foster. They attempted to trade up with the Baltimore Ravens, but they countered with an offer out of Lynch’s comfort zone.

Marathe is gone for maybe 100 seconds. He walks back in the room and announces: “I hear Washington wants to trade down.” False alarm. Marathe offers Washington, at 17, the Baltimore deal. Washington sticks and picks another Alabama faller, defensive tackle Jonathan Allen.

The Ravens were offered the 49ers 2nd round pick(#34), 3rd round pick(#66 or 67), and 4th round pick(#109 or 111), and that offer was then made to the Redskins. The Redskins passed, and Reuben Foster kept falling. The 49ers eventually made a trade with the Seattle Seahawks for the 31st pick to take their guy, beating out the Saints who had already let Foster know they would be picking him at #32. The Seahawks moved down 3 spots and picked up the 49ers second 4th round pick.

The Redskins passed on picking up two additional picks for a top talent. The Redskins already had 10 draft picks entering the draft, but could have used the additional picks they picked up to maneuver up the draft at the end of the 1st or in the mid rounds. Washington chose to take the top player available, and it looks like a steal right now. The traditional trade value chart would have given the points advantage to the 49ers. The Redskins’ 17th pick is worth 950 points. The 49ers picks add up to 892-901 points (#34=560, #66=265 or #67=260, #109=76 or #111=72).


What was the best move for the Redskins at #17?

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  • 93%
    Draft the best player available, Jonathan Allen
    (1416 votes)
  • 0%
    Draft Reuben Foster, smh
    (13 votes)
  • 5%
    Trade down with 49ers, add more talent
    (82 votes)
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There were plenty of players available at the picks being offered, but would any combination of them be better than Jonathan Allen?