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The Redskins Pick-3 Draft Contest results are in

SkinsaneAsylum runs away from the competition with two correct picks on Day 3 of the draft

Arkansas v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The results of the Pick-3 Draft Contest are in, and SkinsaneAsylum managed to out-pace the competition by correctly projecting Samaje Perine in the 4th round, and Jeremy Sprinkle in the 5th. He was the only entrant to project two players in the actual rounds they were selected in, although four other entrants were able to predict two players selected by the Redskins (but without nailing the correct round for one of them).

Eighteen of the 31 entrants in the competition scored by naming at least one of the Redskins’ actual draft picks. I should probably mention that I didn’t tabulate the results by using a super-computer, but by scanning a spreadsheet, so if I’ve missed any correct picks by anyone, please don’t feel slighted — just let me know in the comments section, and I’ll update the score sheet to recognize your achievement. Here’s a look at the entrants who scored:

There were only three draft selections who were not predicted by anyone: Fabian Moreau, Chase Roullier, and Joshua Holsey.

The player that was most-projected by the entrants was Samaje Perine. Five entrants projected him to be selected in the 4th round, and two other entrants listed him in a different round.

Hopefully SkinsaneAsylum has a plane or boat ticket to Bangkok, as I now owe him a night of drinks. This would probably be a good place to mention that the prize is not transferable.

I’m excited that SkinsaneAsylum and so many others were successful at projecting the Redskins draft picks, but I’m even more excited for the ten young men who are now Washington Redksins, and for the impact I expect this draft class to have on the team. Congratulations to all of them.

The NFC East is on notice; there’s a bully been built in DC, and we’re coming after the division title. HTTR!