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Isaac Asiata, OG: A Bully At The Guard Position

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2017 Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins

NCAA Football: Utah at Oregon State Cole Elsasser-USA TODAY Sports

Isaac Asiata, OG
School: Utah | Conference: PAC-12
College Experience: RS Senior | Age: 24
Height / Weight: 6-3 / 323 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 3rd Round
NFL Comparison: Joel Bitonio

College Statistics


Player Overview

Isaac Asiata could make a strong case for being the nastiest and toughest guard in the draft. This guy loves to abuse his competition. His most endearing quality is the aggression and finishing ability he plays with. He is rarely idle out of his stance. If he is not taking on a defender directly he is looking for someone to block. He has experience at both guard position and has even played some right tackle. Asiata is a little older than most RS Senior prospects as he took the time to complete a two-year mission before his career at Utah. He has been practicing this offseason at the center position to further boost his versatility and perhaps draft stock. He is pretty solid with his fundamentals and technique in both pass protection and as a run blocker. At the next level, he will have reign in his aggression just a little bit. His biggest strength is also his biggest weakness as he exposes himself to quick twitch competition especially on the inside.


  • He’s a big guard but he carries his weight relatively well and obviously spends a good deal in the weight room strength and power are not issues for him.
  • Aggressive, nasty, and mean on the field. He is actively looking for someone to bury, particularly in the run game. Takes initiative to blast a defender to open up a lane.
  • Effective and athletic enough as a pulling guard in the run. Consistently makes contact.
  • Plays with decent balance and good leverage. Squares up and engages his target with an awesome punch and can keep them in front of him. Doesn't surrender much ground as a blocker. Helps out his teammates if his responsibility is neutralized.


  • Can get too aggressive out of his stance and is prone to losing his balance against quick rushers who can avoid his initial contact.
  • Too much back and forth with his hands when a strong punch and arm extension will to the job to control his man.
  • Wish he played with more strategy than just trying to pancake someone. He could get a lot more efficient by securing his initial block then working up to the second level for more.

Let’s see his work:

How He Would Fit On The Redskins

If the Redskins are actually looking for a starting left guard material Asiata might be their last shot at it in the 3rd round. He brings power, strength, and nastiness to the position. I can’t help but feel like Asiata will most likely be the player Shawn Lauvao was brought here to be. Asiata should be able to present a strong case for the starting role. He has his technique issues stemming from his aggressive tendencies but those should improve significantly if he takes to coaching. I’d like him to simmer down just a little and really be in control of his physical gifts. His technique needs work, his hands, base, and some footwork require refinement. I think he is an excellent fit in the Redskins power running scheme and should be able to open up some substantial holes on the left side and be especially valuable in short yardage situations. He’s no slouch in pass protection either. He plays with his head on a swivel and is very aware of where his QB is and who is a threat. He will close in a hurry to deliver a finishing blow.