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Draft Day Scenarios the Redskins Might Face

The Audible goes on the clock to think through the first batch of possible draft day scenarios the Redskins might find themselves in during the first round.

Stanford v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This week, as promised, we went on the clock (with an actual timer) to try and hash out potential draft day scenarios that Bruce Allen could very well find himself in when the end of the month rolls around. We stuck to basic ideas, covering two kinds of trade down situations and two different approaches to making the pick at #17 overall.

Steve Shoup joined us in the basement war room (the Champagne Room of basement podcast studios) and we steamrolled through these concocted scenarios. Once we simplified things to the four basic tracks, I was less able to incorporate some of the very unique suggestions from the crew on Monday, but I think we hit on most of the major themes.

I was surprised that when I laid out a “stay put” scenario for Bruce Allen to take the best player available, we all agreed on the player—some of you will be very happy, and the rest of you...might not be so much.

As you all know, I believe Bruce Allen is already trying to trade down, so those two scenarios got extra attention, but there are a lot of ways for the Redskins to leave the first round of the draft victorious. Thanks for listening!