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Redskins Draft Pick-3 scoring update: the Jonathan Allen edition

Four Hog’s Haven readers scored in the first round!

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

“Never in a million years expected him to be there.”

Jay Gruden, talking about selecting Jonathan Allen at pick #17

There were more than 30 entries submitted to the Redskins Draft Pick-3 Contest.

Four entrants scored points by including Jonathan Allen’s name on their entries. Three entrants scored 6 points each by listing Allen in the first round, and one player scored 5 points by listing Allen in the second round.

So, with Round One of the 2017 NFL Draft in the history books, the contest leaders are:

Redskin Rampage 6 points

redskinsfan22 6 points

7riberey71 6 points

ADM HailVictory! 5 points

Remember that correct picks earn higher points as each round passes, so if you didn’t score with Jonathan Allen, don’t fret! A correct pick in the second round is worth 8 points, while a correct pick in the 3rd round is worth 10 points.

Calling the right player, but in the wrong round will still earn you 5 points.

A quick scan across the contest picks shows Budda Baker to be the most popular prediction for the Redskins in the 2nd round, with Wormley, Tomlinson and Asiata among the most common picks for Round 3.

If you want to re-visit your picks, you can follow this link to the Pick-3 contest article.