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Steve Shoup Helps Make the Case for Taking Forrest Lamp In First Round

Should Forrest Lamp be the Redskins’ first round pick on Thursday?

CUSA Championship - Louisiana Tech v Western Kentucky Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

With the draft less than 48 hours away, Steve Shoup is carefully preparing his hair. Any draft guru worth his salt knows that you can’t talk about the draft without a killer hair helmet.

I put Steve in a spot right away by asking him to carry the torch for Forrest Lamp, if in fact he is truly a player the Redskins are considering at #17 overall. I think it’s a real possibility for a variety of factors that we cover (he starts right away and he is a safe pick for Bruce to make...among many other reasons).

We covered some other sneaky picks that the Redskins could end up making, including nabbing a cornerback that might fall a few spots to where the Redskins are selecting. As always, Steve knows his stuff, and educates us on the depth through five rounds of this thing. No matter which way you slice it, it is apparent that there will be players on the board in rounds three, four and even five that will be very much capable of playing right away (in some capacity) for the Redskins.

Steve will be crazy busy over the next five days, but when he comes up for air next week, we will start getting his breakdown of Bruce Allen’s performance in this draft.

We hope to see as many of you as possible on Thursday night at Caddies on Cordell in downtown Bethesda for our live draft party, featuring DC’s #1 cover band, The DCeivers. More details on that to come.