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Fred Smoot Brings the Heat on Offseason On the Brink

The Audible is joined by Fred Smoot on this week’s episode of Offseason On the Brink, Hogs Haven’s official Redskins podcast.

New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

I don’t know why the scheduling gods decided last night should be one of the best nights in the champagne room of basement podcast studios, but I am not questioning their wisdom. After hearing from Robert Kelley, we were joined by none of other than Fred Smoot, a great friend of our show, and a beloved former Redskin.

We got right into it with Fred, and took me on squarely when it came to Kirk Cousins. He built and presented a very tight case for rebuilding this team using the most valuable chip we have at our disposal. You simply must hear Fred make his case.

At the heart of the matter is where you stand on the kind of player Kirk ultimately is, though it is impossible to ignore the secondary point, which deals with the manner in which the team is situated to put talent around the quarterback.

It is beyond a joy to listen to Fred talk football. Kevin, T and I just looked at each other at different points, knowing that he was killing it. It comes as no surprise that Fred believes in what he is saying, and it should come as less of a surprise that you will find yourself agreeing with him...even in spite of the fact you may have an altogether different perspective.

We have one more segment we recorded last night with Steve Shoup that will go up later today. Like I said...good night in the basement! Thanks for listening!