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Dan Hellie on Mike Mayock: "I would be shocked if he didn’t jump all over Redskins GM position if offered"

Dan Hellie joined the Hogs Haven's official Redskins podcast, 'The Audible,' to talk about the McCloughan fallout, Mike Mayock as a Redskins GM candidate, and the reasons why the Redskins let Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon walk.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

For anyone living in the D.C. area, Dan Hellie is a beloved, household name. He was hired by the legendary George Michael to work for NBC4 as a sports anchor/reporter and was a regular to many of the Redskins game-week shows on NBC that included one-on-one interviews with Mike Shanahan, Dan Snyder, and countless players.

Hellie joined Ken, T, and Kevin Ricca on the Audible last night to talk a variety of topics. I highly recommend a full listen but here are a few of the juicy nuggets:

Hellie: "If they offered Mike Mayock the job, I would be shocked if he didn’t jump all over it. I would be shocked. Listen. I haven’t even had a conversation with Mike about this job. I don’t even see Mike that often. He doesn’t come to do in our draft shows. He goes to the draft and to the pro days. So, he’s usually on the road. I just know that he has never worked in the front office of a NFL team. He’s been a player and then he was a business man. Then he got into broadcasting. He’s been pretty good at most of the things he’s done. I think his is something that’s a bucket list thing. He’d like to check that off and get a shot to run a franchise."

At this point I was thinking to myself. "Well, yea, and McCloughan and Shanahan are the same hard-nosed guys and wouldn't want to deal with a micro-managing Bruce."

Thankfully, Kevin Ricca jumped right in: "And he can punch Bruce right in his mouth."

Hellie: "Let me tell you. He would not take any shit."

They also asked Hellie about how the McCloughan fallout and the decisions the team has made the last 15 days.

Hellie: "From afar, when you watch what’s going on and see what happened with McCloughan and how that kind of was dragged out you’re thinking, "Alright. Here we go again. This is kind of the same old Redskins." You do a little more digging and I don’t think the organization will come out looking as badly as they did when this initially went down. Just from talking to people.

I knew that they weren’t going to bring back Desean or Pierre. Pierre because they thought he was too old. Desean. They had a feeling if they gave him a new two or three year contract and paid him that he was going to be available for every game. I think Desean Jackson is one of those guys that when he’s in a contact year he’s going to play a little harder than when he’s not. Certainly, that is not unique to the NFL. But I knew they were going to let both of those guys walk and that wasn’t going to be a good look. Letting two 1,000 yard receivers walk out the door at the same time I don’t think has ever been done in the NFL.

But, I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the Terrelle Pryor signing. I think they got him for, I won’t say bargain, but a pretty good deal. It’s a prove it contract. Brian Quick is adequate. Zach Brown is a guy who wasn’t expected to start last year and took advantage of an opportunity because somebody else was injured. Not only did he start, he played really well. And I think Swearinger is a nice addition. I’ve been pleased with what they’ve done so far. Let’s see what they do in nine days when the draft rolls around."

Dan Hellie also gives some great insight on how a Redskins contract for Kirk Cousins now will look much better financially in a few years with several of the top five QBs retiring and Cousins surely moving up that rankings ladder.