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NFL Network’s Dan Hellie Joins Offseason On the Brink

The Audible talks to NFL Network’s Dan Hellie about his hometown sports scene and what he thinks the Redskins need to do to win back national public perception.

Pop Warner Pee Wee Super Bowl

It was a fun evening in the basement studio this week, as we were joined by Dan Hellie of NFL Network fame. In addition to repping 202 out in Manhattan Beach, Dan played pee-wee football with Kevin, which meant we were definitely going to hear about the time Kevin threw the game-winning touchdown to Hellie in the most important game 9-year olds have ever played.

We got Dan talking about his experience being the only Redskin fan on the set over at NFL Network—as it turns out, rooting for the burgundy and gold doesn’t automatically make you the popular kid. Hearing about his view of the team and the experience of being a fan of the team from the opposite side of the country was pretty cool.

Do you think we would let Dan Hellie get out before commissioning him for a special mission to convince Mike Mayock to come and be our personnel man? (SPOILER ALERT: we didn’t.)

Thanks for the listen and we look forward to hosting Rob Kelley on next week’s show. That’s right...the starting running back will be joining us to help us digest the offseason to date.