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Redskins Draft Day Dilemmas SOLVED; Hogs Haven On the Air with Chad Dukes

The Audible puts you in the saddle inside the Redskins war room, making hard decisions between specifically laid-out options. And don’t miss Mark Tyler’s appearance on Chad Dukes’ daily Redskins hit!

CFP National Championship - Alabama v Clemson Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Kevin and I were missing our man Tim in the basement last night (Matt’s presence really helped to smooth that out), but we still managed to wax philosophic on some draft day scenarios that the Redskins could face in two weeks. Last week, we put some generic situations together and went on the clock to see what kind of decisions we could make in a tight space. This week, we got more specific with the choices we debated, although the truth is that every scenario we could invent would be dependent on a multitude of assumptions.

Our first thrust at this was directed at our draft crushes...perhaps I could have worded that differently. We all have a few college prospects that keep us up at night fantasizing about...okay, I definitely could have worded that differently. Have no fear, Forrest Lamp was repped.

After nailing our crushes (I’ll edit that later), we moved on to a little game of “(Who) Would You Rather?” Both Kevin and I felt like it is time to start meaningfully addressing names of players that will be in play in rounds two through four. We can bang around the first round for eternity (hold it together, people), but at some point, we need to get serious about the additions we are on the verge of making beyond round one.

As a guy who has spent too much time claiming we will net four starters with our first five picks, I have officially come down to earth. This topic will carry forward to next week, when we will delve even further into positional depth in the middle of the draft. While there has been some shrinkage with regard to my total number of starters out of the first four rounds, it should be noted that the basement was exceptionally chilly last night.

In other digital media news, our very own Mark “Tiller” Tyler went on the air with Chad Dukes yesterday on 106.7 The Fan to discuss his weekend piece on the state of the Redskins versus last year’s version. Check him out here.

Thanks for listening to the Hogs Haven crew y’all! We’ll continue trying to represent the fanbase anywhere and everywhere we can...shrinkage or not.