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La Canfora: Redskins talking about replacements for GM Scot McCloughan

Hello darkness my old friend

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The rumors continue to fly about, well, a lot of things involving the Washington Redskins right now. This latest report comes from Jason La Canfora, a name Redskins fans love to hate for various reason due to his reporting with the Washington Post, and other places. La Canfora has reported on the dysfunction in the Redskins organization for years, and continues with this new report on the drama surrounding Redskins GM Scot McCloughan.

McCloughan has not spoken, or been allowed to speak, to the media since last year. He was reportedly sent home from Redskins Park last month. He did not attend the NFL Combine this weekend due to a family matter. He is not at Redskins Park for the start of the legal tampering period that started yesterday. There have been reports that McCloughan doesn’t have the power in the organization that people thought he had when he was hired. This includes not being able to bring in his own people, being overridden on personnel decisions, and basically having the role of a head scout in the organization. This isn’t the GM we were sold on, and what we really have is Team President, and “former” GM Bruce Allen having total power.

Right now, everything in the last paragraph has been reported, and speculated upon. The only things we know for sure are that McCloughan hasn’t talked to the media, he didn’t attend the Combine, and he isn’t currently at Redskins Park. It could be a while before we get the full story on what’s actually happening at Redskins Park. La Canfora reports that the end could be very near for McCloughan’s time with the Redskins.

According to numerous league sources, and several who have been in contact with Allen and/or the owner, the team’s brass has been entertaining new options for general manager for quite some time. They have had internal discussions about the next GM, and essentially have begun the process. The name of former Tampa GM Mark Dominik, who worked previously with Allen, has surfaced, though I’m not sure they go in that direction. (I can’t help but wonder if executive Alex Santos, well thought of and who has risen from the lowest ranks in the organization, would make sense as well, as this team has never promoted from within at the GM spot and it would love to sell that idea now, not to mention that a veteran GM might not be as malleable to Snyder’s ways).

La Canfora also reports that McCloughan is not in rehab.

I’ve been told by several sources that the general manager is not in rehab and has not been in rehab during this time. McCloughan is trying to do his job in so much as anyone can do that under these circumstances. He’s staying focused on his work and his passion -- which is evaluating talent at the highest level. If there are problems going on with him that fans are not privy to, and if the Redskins are trying to do things to help their GM and protect their own best interest, then you can release a statement and do it in an honest and straightforward manner.