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Report: No truth to Kirk Cousins to 49ers trade rumor

A lot of reports are flying around about Kirk Cousins

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The rumors are flying for Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins and where he will be playing this year and beyond. Washington slapped the exclusive franchise tag on him 8 days ago, and unlike last year, he did not immediately sign it. Cousins is set to make almost $24 million this year, and a lot more once he signs a long-term deal. The question is when and where he will be signing that deal. The Redskins have publicly said they want to re-sign him, and have reportedly offered him $20 million per year. Cousins likely thinks he can get more than that, either this year, or next year when he’s eligible for free agency again.

Enter the trade rumors that have been going for weeks, but getting more frequent now that free agency is almost here, and there is still no new deal for Cousins. The 49ers are an obvious focus on many of these rumors, with Cousins former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan now the head coach in San Francisco.

Last week saw a ludicrous trade “rumor” involving a 3-way trade that would send Cousins to the 49ers, Tony Romo to the Redskins, and draft picks to Dallas. This was laughable then, and it’s been completely swept under the rug. Yesterday’s Michael Silver said he expects Cousins to be playing for the 49ers, if not this year, then definitely next season. He also adds that Cousins wants to play there, and this would be an expensive deal both financially, and in draft picks for the 49ers.

Master Tesfatsion is reporting this morning that there’s no truth to the Kirk Cousins to the 49ers trade rumors at this point according to his source. That does not mean that something won’t happen between the two teams, but anything being reported as happening quickly is not true. The rumors will continue until Cousins is signed long-term by the Redskins, or traded to another team.

The 49ers don’t have a QB heading into the 2017, and Kyle Shanahan is expected to get a veteran on the team, along with a few others. Matt Schaub, Brian Hoyer, and others have been mentioned. But the QB that Kyle covets is Kirk Cousins.