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Redskins Mock Draft Scenario: Combine Edition

A look at a plausible Mock draft scenario

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For this mock draft using regular On the Clock I decided not to do any trades and just use the Redskins 10 picks in the draft that they are starting with. For this scenario I came into it with the expectation that Cousins would be on the roster (hopefully with a long term deal). I also believe that the Redskins won’t be able to re-sign either DeSean Jackson or Pierre Garcon. While it’s possible they sign a veteran, I don’t think it will be a big money player so I think WR will end up being one of our biggest needs once the draft rolls around. On defense with more defensive linemen hitting free agency than I originally expected, I hope the Redskins can land one of them in addition to bringing back Baker. With that in mind this is the draft class I ended up with, follow along here!


-I mocked Ross to the Redskins before in a trade back scenario, but now after his big combine from an athletic standpoint, he could have solidified top 20 status. If he’s on the board and the Redskins haven’t found a receiver in free agency they have to consider Ross. He could pretty seamlessly replace Desean Jackson as the Redskins deep threat to open up the offense. Ross is more than just a speed guy, as his footwork is exceptional and combined with this speed and quickness gets him open on just about every play. He’s got some medical concerns which could help keep him on the board for the Redskins, but assuming nothing big popped up as a long term concern, he’s a excellent pick to keep the Redskins passing attack flourishing.


-Davis to me is a guy who makes a lot of sense for the Redskins as either a late 1st in a trade back scenario or definitely if he’s still sitting there in the 2nd round. His teammate Caleb Brantley was still sitting on the board here, but given the mindset of bringing back Baker and adding a top FA defensive lineman, it was an easy decision to take Davis. Davis brings speed, instincts and physicality to this defense and he should be a day one starter and a leader of this defense.


-Started his career at Alabama as a corner before moving to safety. He’s a natural cover safety who has good instincts and ball skills, as well as big play ability with the ball in his hands. He’s coming off a broken leg, which is why he could slip some, but should be healthy for the start of the season. Not the most physical safety, but he’s a very good pure free safety. For the Redskins he could push for the day 1 starting role and he should develop into a very good starter.


-Has some injury issues, and some questions about his work ethic/motor, but he’s got excellent size and athleticism for his size. When he puts it all-together he can just dominate games. Played NT at Notre Dame, but he’s a natural 5 Tech and should primarily line-up there at the next level (though he can still play some NT). Jones could push to be the 3rd starter along the DL with Baker and hopefully a key free agent. If the Redskins staff can help get him more involved, he’s got some really nice potential and long term upside, making him a real nice value pick here in the 4th.


-Godwin is another receiver who had a big combine and one that could fly up draft boards, but if he’s still sitting there in the 4th, he’d be a nice value pick here for the Redskins as they look to reshape their receiver corps. Godwin didn’t show excellent speed or separation ability in college, but what he did do was catch just about everything thrown near him. Godwin can help replace the production lost from D-Jax and Garcon, and give the Redskins insurance for Doctson. I know many won’t like grabbing two receivers in the top 4 rounds, but they need to start to re-stock their receiver corps.


-Conner had a strong combine despite a below average 40 time. He is a big strong back, who looked good running routes and catching the football. He’s a great story coming off a battle with cancer, and he’s considered an excellent leader/character guy. While I don’t think he’d challenge for the starting role as a rookie, he can be a nice number two back who specializes in short yardage/goal line work. A Kelley, Conner, Thompson RB trio has the chance to be pretty decent with nice upside, and good balance.


-Jenkins is big, physical safety with good speed and some decent instincts. He’s not great in coverage and he should primarily be used in the box and as a back-up to Cravens, but he adds nice depth and special teams ability. Eventually he could find a role as a dime LB and be used in sub-packages.


-Holden is a nice depth offensive lineman, who has played both tackle positions and could probably play a little guard. I don’t think he should be considered an eventual starter, but at the very least he offers nice back-up versatility


-Is a developmental 5 tech player, who is listed as 6’6” 285. He’s a small school guy, but he looks like he has a little upside. He has size, strength and does a nice job using his hands to fight off blocks. I wouldn’t expect much from him as a rookie, but he’s an intriguing depth guy to develop.


-Myrick profiles as a slot corner and would be a solid depth option for the Redskins. He’s got solid speed and quickness and even has some return ability. While corner isn’t a primary need, it would be good to add a developmental guy late in the draft.


While typically I’d like to trade back and add another 3rd or 4th round pick (or two), for staying at the Redskins spot I think this type of draft could make sense. If the Redskins don’t sign any major wide receivers (either re-sign or a free agent), drafting one or two early in the draft makes sense. It will keep the Redskins offense as one of the most dangerous in the league with the addition of Ross and Goodwin, and help keep Cousins happy as you hopefully build around the passing attack long term with him. Adding a guy like James Conner later in the draft might not be viewed as a major addition, but he could have solid impact.

Despite taking a first round receiver, the Redskins still can find some major defensive upgrades with this draft. Davis and Jackson can both be really good starters at the next level and should do so from day 1. Then if you add Jarron Jones to a defensive line that has Chris Baker, a quality free agent (Poe, Williams, Hankins or Logan), plus Ricky Jean-Francois, you have a pretty decent unit that will be a nice improvement from last year. It still might not be “elite” but I don’t know if any draft picks are going to make this unit elite. Jenkins is another later round guy who won’t be a starter, but could impact this team in the first couple of years. Depending on the situation you might want both Jenkins and Cravens on the field in the box with Jackson back deep. The NFL is moving more and more in that direction, and Jenkins has some ability in that type of role.

What do you think? Given the parameters of this scenario, would you be happy with this class?