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Hogs Haven Makes Mock Draft Pick for Redskins

This year, Hogs Haven’s selection in the annual SB Nation mock draft is made on The Audible.

2007 NFL Draft Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

On tonight’s episode of Offseason On the Brink, we made the selection for the Washington Redskins in this year’s SB Nation NFL Mock Draft.

We all desperately want and need defense...but what if the draft is primarily defense up until the Redskins pick? What if there is an offensive player just sitting there that the whole world thinks is going to be a can’t miss stud? I have been warning us all of this eventuality for months, but that was when we had the McLovin BPA Train in town. If anyone would force a defensive reach at #17, Bruce Allen would, right? (Right? Seriously, I don’t know.)

I can’t imagine everyone is going to be excited by our pick. I can’t even be sure we explained it all that well, but one thing I am sure of: the Spirit of Sonny was in full swing. Thanks for listening, and thanks for being part of the conversation.