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Redskins Mock Draft Scenario

A look at a plausible Redskins Mock Draft Scenario

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the Redskins adding a 2nd WR in free agency I wanted to look at a Mock using On the Clock that took WR completely off the table. Now in reality I think the team could still look at wide receiver in the mid-to-late rounds, but for the purpose of this I didn’t really consider it in my mock.

Follow along with the Mock Here!


-Reddick is one of my favorite players in this draft class and I think the perfect fit for the Redskins defense. While he will be moving off the EDGE position to ILB for the Redskins he has shown he has the speed, athleticism and instincts to handle the position change. He showed very well during Senior Bowl week at a new position, and he followed that up with just a fantastic combine. Reddick’s natural speed and pass rush ability makes him an intriguing option as a situational rusher/blitzer in certain packages. He has a chance to be a true impact player if used correctly and I like the fit here for the Redskins.

Overall there are some safeties I’d consider taking a shot on at 17 (though I feel it’s a bit of a reach), but other than that the options really are ILB, OG, RB for me.


-While most would probably go defense here, I think if there is a starting caliber offensive guard (which Moton would be for the Redskins), they have to consider it. Not only could Moton help replace a weak link along their offensive line and save a bit of money by eventually releasing Shaun Lavauo, but it could have a nice long term impact. As we saw this offseason offensive linemen are getting paid, and that is likely to continue next year when the Redskins have both Morgan Moses and Spencer Long set to hit free agency. Having a cheap starting G like Moton would help the Redskins to allocate more money to their impending free agents.

The other benefit with adding a plug and play guard is it fills one of the two main concerns on offense (RB being the other) heading into this season. The Redskins have had a top tier offense each of the last two years and if the Redskins have any hopes of being playoff bound it will be due to the offense clicking on all cylinders. If the team doesn’t extend Kirk Cousins this could be their last chance of contention for awhile so they should do what helps them the most. Adding a guy like Moton (who actually might work better at RG and I’d move Scherff to LG), would stabilize the line and should be a big time factor in short yardage situations as he plays with impressive power.


-While I would probably prefer a few other free safety options, I think King is still a very solid pick in the 3rd round and a guy who can definitely contribute as a rookie. King has strong instincts and ball skills and he can make a pretty easy transition to FS. He doesn’t have great long speed, and he’s a little short, but I don’t see that being enough of an issue to be concerned. King is a highly productive player, who was a 4 year starter in college and displayed strong leadership skills down at the Senior Bowl.

If the Redskins are committed to Swearinger and Cravens as the starting safeties King can help in 3 safety sets, and in certain sets he can play single high allowing Cravens and Swearinger to roam more and play in the box where their skill sets thrive. In addition King can be a star on special teams as both a returner option and in coverage.


-Ideally the Redskins would have done more in free agency to bolster their defensive line as I don’t see the high impact options early in this draft class. There are definitely players they could justify in the 2nd or 3rd round, but it’s not a position they should force as few guys figure to have a major impact early in their careers. In the fourth round one guy I like is Vincent Taylor from OK State. Taylor offers nice balance to the defensive linemen the Redskins’ have brought in as they are more run stoppers, while Taylor is a better pass rusher. He should push for solid rotational work as a rookie and can see a number of snaps when the Redskins are in their nickel package.


-As I mentioned above RB is one of the biggest needs on this team, and while Mack might not end up a star, he could be a nice addition to the Redskins RB group.

Mack is one of the most electric backs to watch as he does an excellent job of making people miss and picking up big chunks of yards in the open field. Of his 174 carries, 12 of his rushes went for 20+ yards including at least 5 that went for 50 or more. He’s also a capable receiver who should cause some match-up issues for most linebackers. On the downside he’s probably never going to be a 225+ carry running back and he can at times trust his ability to make people miss too much leading to negative gains. Fumbles were also somewhat of an issue for Mack and something that is something to watch considering how much of an issue Matt Jones’ ball security has been.


-I think Price is a great 5th-6th round option for the Redskins as his natural EDGE ability is there, but he will likely fall given his size limitations. The Redskins though don’t need him to be a starter and they will be quite happy to see him as a situational EDGE option. Price has been highly productive these past two years and he can provide a boost to the pass rusher, especially during the first four weeks when Trent Murphy is serving his suspension.


-While corner isn’t an immediate need, depth is always welcome and Allen offers intriguing size and speed to develop. He will clearly be fighting for a job at the bottom of the depth chart, but he’s an intriguing player given his 6’3” size and sub 4.5 40 time.


-While the Redskins already added one safety, it doesn’t hurt to double dip at this position. Woods has some natural FS abilities and he offers solid depth and special teams ability.


-Saubert is an intriguing developmental TE prospect. He’s got excellent size and production, but he was inconsistent through college and despite his size, his blocking leaves something to be desired as his technique is a mess. The potential is there though and the Redskins have the tight end depth to be patient with him and let him develop.


-The Redskins need more help along the defensive line and Tu’ikolovatu could help them as a nose tackle option. While during the season and at the Senior Bowl he looked slow at times and his technique was a mess, you saw the natural power he possessed. At the combine he showed up in better shape and you saw a bit more quickness in the drills. That is promising for Tu’ikolovatu and could help him get snaps as an early down run stopping NT. Given how thin the Redskins are along the DL he could push for snaps as a rookie.


For a non-trade back mock, I think this is a pretty solid group, as both Reddick and Moton should be day one starters, and King should be a significant contributor. I would expect both Mack and Taylor to carve out a solid niche to contribute as well. Price and Tu’ikolovatu also could see some time as rookies in limited roles.

While many will be disappointed that the DL wasn’t a bigger focus, I don’t know if this is the year to force too many DL in top three rounds of the draft. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of early impact/starting potential from this group. While there is solid DL depth, most guys project as role/rotational players, particularly early in their careers. As opposed to getting a full time starting guard in Moton and a FS in King who could play an even more significant role.

What do you think? What do you like/dislike about this class?