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Offseason On the Brink: Steve Shoup Discusses Redskins Draft

Steve Shoup joins the Redskins offseason conversation on this week’s episode of The Audible.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

When you want to focus on football and things that make football fans happy in the offseason, the draft is an easy topic to target. Over the years, our man Steve Shoup has more than proven his mettle when it comes to the mental gymnastics involved in draft coverage. Who better to help direct our conversation back to the players we will soon be rooting for than Steve?

Last night, The Audible put four Redskins draft-related statements to Steve for discussion:

  • “I believe the Redskins could draft a starting [left] guard and starting defensive lineman in the second and third rounds.” As many of you who read my columns know, I believe (thanks mostly to Steve’s tutelage) that a power conference upperclassman DL will get pushed down the board and into our laps. We also know that starting guards come out of these rounds all the time.
  • “I believe the Redskins should NOT draft a quarterback in the first three rounds...maybe not even the first four.” This was a hot topic. Hahahaha...
  • “With two picks in the fourth round, the Redskins should be able to net one starter. The position most likely to have that kind of depth in this draft is __________.”
  • “The 2016 draft class could (WILL) determine how far we go in the 2017 season.” Basically, this was my way of getting back to remembering how good Josh Doctson looked coming into the league. I think it is important to keep in mind that he remains a TOP prospect, and should he find himself fully healthy, he could inflict damage to our opponents. Terrelle Pryor, Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed will undoubtedly draw the majority of attention, leaving our very own John Snow in single coverage.

The draft is one of those things that provides as much fun in the lead-up as it does during the actual event. Steve knows his stuff, and having him on the show this time of year is as educational as it is fun. We will be having him on multiple times between now and the draft, so get prepared to feast on knowledge.

As always, thanks for listening (on iTunes and Soundcloud for free), and thanks for spreading the word about the OFFICIAL Redskins podcast of Hogs Haven.

This WAS The Audible.