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Tanoh Kpassagnon, DL: A physically gifted small school pass rushing prospect

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2017 Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins

NCAA Football: Villanova at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Tanoh Kpassagnon, DL
School: Villanova | Conference: Colonial Athletic Association
College Experience: RS Senior | Age: 22
Height / Weight: 6-7 / 289 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 3rd or 4th Round
NFL Comparison: Margus Hunt

College Statistics

Player Overview

Tanoh Kpassagnon may have the hardest name to pronounce in the draft but it's easy to see why this guy has generated so much buzz and has risen up draft boards coming out of Villanova. The Michigan native has a rare blend of length and size at the DE position and initially came to the program around 60 lbs lighter. Over his college career, he has packed on the muscle and improved his power. He flashes great athleticism and bend for his size and while his technique is still very raw he has a lot of coaches excited about the prospect of molding him. Kpassagnon dominated in the CAA and was a frequent recipient of double teams. He won with his athleticism and strength off the edge in college. In the NFL he’ll have to use that, significantly improved technique, and a new array of pass rush moves to get home.


  • Has an impressive frame and still has room to add more weight if a team requires. Clearly, loves the weight room and his upper body strength and training show up on tape.
  • Is a versatile player and is being looked at by both 4-3 and 3-4 base teams. Is a pass rushing talent but can also play the gaps as well on running plays.
  • Has great burst off the snap and frequently fired past offensive linemen in college. Has good bend around the edge and good closing speed to finish.
  • Length may be his biggest asset has an incredible tackle radius getting to guys more players simply can't reach.


  • Raw and no disrespects to any Villanova coach but probably needs to relearn his fundamentals and technique from the ground up to have consistent success against NFL level talent.
  • Can get stagnant on the rush if he doesn't win with his initial burst and power.
  • Lower half and feet need to remain active I can see Trent Williams putting this kid on his butt in practices because of how he can compromise his own base and balance.
  • Level of competition concerns.

Let’s see his work:

How He Would Fit On The Redskins

Well, it seems the Skins has at least some preliminary interest in Kpassagnon since they had a formal interview with him at the combine early this month. He’s a raw talent but if he could be developed he could become a very good pass rushing end in the league. The Redskins are likely taking a look at him due to their interest in adding pass rush help to the d-line. Kpassagnon isn't ready to start yet but would make the rotation interesting especially on obvious passing downs. It should be pretty interesting where he ends up landing in the draft. The Buccaneers and Raiders have met with him several times already and it was reported that the Steelers have scheduled a private workout with him. The Redskins defensive line is arguably worse off that it was last year so adding talented run stoppers and pass rushers, especially ones with the length and power Kpassognon has, to the line will be of paramount importance this draft.