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Dan Snyder Owes Redskins Fanbase a Kobe Ring

On this week’s episode of Offseason On the Brink, The Audible wonders what Dan Snyder could do to make it up to Redskins fans.

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We decided to dedicate one show to a group therapy-type theme, and so The Audible this week is all about shaking loose of the McLovin Era. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when you have to say goodbye to the guy largely responsible for the resurgence of a once-proud franchise.

With Tim out for this segment, we enlisted the skills of one Chris “ih8dallas” Hess to help us close the chapter on one of the happier stretches for Redskins fans. Who better to ease our pain than a guy who has perfected the art of healing through the use of jorts and crocs?

You want takeaways from last night’s show?

  • A possible bright side to all of this (should you be looking for one): this could be the rise of a CEO-level head coach that has a powerful voice inside the organization. Jay Gruden could be in line to inherit some of the power that we thought belonged to Scot “McLovin” McCloughan. This of course assumes that there is any chance at all that Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen can deal with their coach being considered “successful” and “competent.” If Jay gets too good at his job, Bruce might have to fire him and take over those duties.
  • Dan Snyder owes the Redskins fanbase a Kobe Ring. I’m not saying all would be forgiven, but a Kobe Ring on our finger would help this situation out a TON. Possible Kobe Ring options include: sucking it up and paying Kirk Cousins whatever it takes to lock him up on a long-term deal, hiring Mike Mayock as director of personnel (maybe not everyone’s first choice) and of course firing Bruce Allen and naming Doug Williams the new team president (the Tiller Plan).
  • We’re going to get past this nastiness. I am not sure how much more wide open our eyes can be with regard to Dan Snyder’s terribleness, but they do seem to be open wider today. Talking with Chris and Kevin last night made me realize that by the time this team kicks off in September, and Kirk Cousins is preparing to take the field in burgundy and gold, we will all be locked in on our team.
  • The Redskins will be competitive in 2017, and nobody will see it coming. The Redskins are back to being laughed at by the rest of the league, and we should expect a lot of teams to schedule their homecomings for the weekend Washington comes to town. It says here that Kirk Cousins gets even better next season and plays the part of franchise quarterback. Terrelle Pryor is a beast-in-waiting and Josh Doctson is John Snow. There is no 4-12 season on the way guys.
  • Chris agreed with a point made by SkinsNJ. As I said before...a lot of healing taking place this week!

As always, thanks for listening, and let us know what you want to hear us talk about next week, when the focus will return to football activities.